Monastery in Wilmington, DE  

At the Poor Clare Monastery of St. Veronica Giuliani, the Holy Spirit flourishes. We are a monastery in Wilmington, DE, which promotes a life of austerity and joyful fellowship. The organization, comprised of twelve sisters, revolves around prayer, manual labor, silence, and the pursuit of biblical study. We aim to present the greater glory of God and to follow the timeless example of Jesus Christ.

Just as the Lord lived a hidden life with His Mother Mary in Nazareth, our sorority lives a secluded life. The traditions we follow are an illustration of our total consecration to God and His Word.

Monastery in Wilmington, DE
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About the Capuchin Poor Clare?  

The Capuchin Poor Clare is an ideological foundation that requires adherents to center their lives on the contemplation and worship of God. Members of this order are women who choose to live solitary lives in silence at the monastery. They adhere to the spirit of Saint Francis and also Saint Clare of Assisi. As a follower of Jesus Christ, a Sister of Capuchin Poor Clare unites herself to the crucified Christ. In doing so, she forsakes her self-interest and commits her life to God.

A sister of Capuchin Saint Clare is a simple woman who commits to demonstrating communal relationships with her sisters in spirituality. In doing so, she embraces poverty and remains open to the Church and the needs of humanity. This is a continual tradition that has guided the Order, as founded by Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi in the 13th century.   

Our Profession

Sisters of Capuchin Poor Clare commit their lives entirely to the Gospel. This commitment nurtures the seed of holiness that was bestowed upon us at Baptism. In the process, we grow continuously and receive the Word of God with zeal. To learn more about our work, we recommend that you come to pray with us.


Our order welcomes visitors to mass, which is held daily. We also observe holy days under the liturgical calendar. Please contact us to learn more about upcoming events and observations.   

If you have received the call of God, reach out to us at

(302) 600-0225.



816 N Jefferson St
Wilmington, DE 19801

Service Area:
DE, PA, and Washington, DC

(302) 600-0225

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