Vocation Prayers in Wilmington, DE

Our profession commits us to direct our whole life to the gospel, so the seed of holiness given at baptism may grow in us continuously and may receive ever greater impulse by our welcoming the Word of God. To learn more about our vocation prayers in Wilmington, DE, contact us today.

Exhortation of Saint Francis of Assisi to Saint Clare and to the Sisters

Listen little poor ones, called by the Lord,
you have been gathered together from many parts of this land.
Live always in the truth that you may die in obedience.

Do not look at the life of this world; do not look at the life outside,
for the life of the Spirit is better, for the life of the Spirit is true.

I beg you, in my love for you that you use with kindness,
what the Lord gives to you, and though you weary with the care
of your sick, I ask you bear it in peace.

I promise that each one of you, will be crowned in heaven,
as a queen with the Virgin Mary,
through the merits of the Mother Clare, and so be it.

Vocation Prayers in Wilmington, DE


O God, You Who filled
the heart of St. Clare with love
for the mysteries of the Cross
and caused her to rejoice when sharing
in the suffering of Christ,
grant that, through
her example and prayers,
all who suffer, in mind and body
may find serenity in suffering,
faith in time of trial,
hope in Your healing mercy,
and be given a share
in the everlasting light and love
of Your Heavenly Kingdom.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Prayer for Vocations

LORD of the Harvest,
BLESS young people with the gift of courage to respond to your call. Open their hearts to great ideals, to great things.

INSPIRE all of your disciples to mutual love and giving for vocations blossom in the good soil of faithful people.

INSTILL those in religious life, parish ministries, and families with the confidence and grace to invite others to embrace the bold and noble path of a life consecrated to you.

UNITE us to Jesus through prayer and sacrament, so that we may cooperate with you in building your reign of mercy and truth, of justice and peace. Amen. (Pope Francis)

Dear Blessed Mother "Pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest" for the greater glory of God. Amen

Vocation Prayers

O gracious God, you call all who believe
in your to grow perfect in love by flowing,
in the footsteps of Christ, your Son.

May our lives as a Capuchin Poor Clare
provide a convincing sing of your Kingdom
for the Church and the whole world.

Continue to called young women so that
we may faithfully live the Gospel life
and build-up your Kingdom through our life
of prayer and contemplation in humble
service to our brothers and sisters.

We ask this in the name of Jesus,
the Lord. Amen

Luke 10:21

At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, 
said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, 
because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, 
and revealed them to little children." 
Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.  

Word of God in Wilmington, DE

The Franciscan Prayers

A Prayer Before the Crucifix

Most High, glorious God,
enlighten the darkness of my heart,
and give me right faith,
certain hope and perfect charity,
sense and understanding, Lord,
so that I may accomplish
your holy and true will.

A Prayer of Total Self-Giving

I beg you, Lord
let the fiery, gentle power
of your love
take possession of my soul,
and snatch it away
from everything under the heaven,
that I may die for love of your love,
as you sow fit to die for love of mine.

Salutation of the Blessed Virgin

Hail, holy Lady, most holy Queen,
Mary, holy Mother of God;
you are the virgin, made church
and the one chosen by the most holy
Father in heaven
whom He consecrated
with His most holy beloved Son
and with the Holy Spirit the Paraclete,
in whom there was and is
all the fullness of grace and every good.

Hail, His Palace!
Hail, His Tabernacle!
Hail, His Home
Hail, His Robe!
Hail, His Servant!
Hail, His Mother!

And Hail, all you holy virtues
which through the grace and light of the Holy Spirit
are poured into the hearts of the faithful
so that from their faithless state
you may make then faithful to God

Spirituality in Wilmington, DE


Holy Virgin Mary,
among women,
there is no one like you born into the world;
You are the daughter
and the servant of the most high and supreme King
and the Father of heaven,
you are the Mother of Our Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ,
you are the spouse of the Holy Spirit:
pray for us with St. Michael the Archangel
and all the powers of the heavens
and all the Saints
to your Most Holy Beloved Son, the Lord and Master.

— Glory to the Father...As it was in the beginning...

Trinitarian Prayer

Almighty, eternal, just and merciful God,
grant us in our misery the grace
to do for you alone
what we know You want us to do
and always
to desire what pleases You.
Thus, inwardly cleansed,
interiorly enlightened,
and inflamed by the fire of the Holy Spirit,
may we be able to follow
in the footprints of Your beloved Son,
our Lord Jesus Christ.
And by your grace alone
may we make our way to You, Most High,
who live and rule in perfect Trinity
and simple Unity and are glorified
Forever and ever. Amen +